Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page is here to hopefully answer some of the more poplar questions that have been asked. If you don’t find your question answered here then please contact me.

Why would I want to use coaching instead of consulting?

Consultants focus on a specific problem within the BUSINESS.  The focus tends to be narrow and geared towards a particular area of concern.

Coaching on the other hand is about the OWNER.  It is built around what matters to them.  Meaningful and effective coaching creates a frame of reference where it is possible for the client to find solutions.  By enabling the business owner to come up with solutions themselves, confidence and satisfaction results empowering the owner to lead beyond their expectations.

How is coaching different from consulting?

Coaching is all about taking action.  Coaches help owners and executives become self-aware by asking questions, self-decisive by listening and self-directed by inviting owners to take action.  Coaches strive to be interested, not interesting.  The focus is on the owner and helping them take action to find a solution to a particular concern.  Coaches are genuinely curious and ask several questions often going deep   to uncover a specific concern.  Enabling the owner to find the solution or make changes for the better is the approach taken.


Consulting on the other hand is regarded as an expert providing a solution to a problem with technical expertise.  The consultant’s time is limited to solving the problem often with little or no input from the owner. Quite simply, they have more answers than questions.

Will coaching cause me more work?

Each coaching session ends with an action plan.  This is a specific task for the owner to begin working towards accomplishing a goal that was identified during the coaching session.  It will require the owner to take some sort of action and the results are evaluated at the next session.  Instead of looking at it as more work, think of it as a responsibility you’ve intentionally disregarded and should have been performing anyway.

How can you be sure coaching will work for my business?

Most successful business owners will tell you when systems are in place to drive the behavior of their employees, things get done efficiently and effectively. Regardless of the business, implementing the strategy of systematizing most departments creates an effective way for business owners to feel confident and comfortable about running their business. Coaches will listen attentively about your current procedures and customize a system for performing those tasks in the manner that is most appropriate. Will coaching techniques work for every circumstance in every business? Absolutely not. But keep in mind, when failures occur, they are only stepping-stones to success.

Can I afford to hire a business coach?

The cost to work with a business coach will depend on the length of time you chose to work together.  Both you and your coach will determine the fees up front and determine the frequency of meetings.  Regardless of how you choose to justify paying a coach, working with a certified professional business coach is an investment in your future.  Not only will you begin to create great results in your business, you’ll end up with an exceptional entrepreneurial education and the knowledge to pass it on to others.

What can I expect to get out of having a coach?

Expect to start working on problems within your business that you knew for quite some time needed your attention.  They’ve been holding you and your company back and its time to change that.  Expect to look at opportunities differently.  While you’re thinking about them, your competition is taking action to beat you to the punch. Expect to learn about systematizing your business so your help understands how you expect things to be done.  Expect to create an awesome vision, mission and values statement to demonstrate to your employees and customers your passion for the business and the way you intend to run it.  And most importantly, expect to change the way you think by adopting a growth mindset.

What do coaches do?

Coaches create a unique relationship with the business owner by creating a “safe place” to guide and support their client toward reaching their goals.  This “safe place” refers to a positive and supportive environment that is free from judgment allowing the client to express their concerns freely and honestly.  And of course, these discussions are always kept in confidence.  In order to create change to your habits, coaches will take you out of your comfort zone and push you into the learning zone.  They will redefine fear and alert you to things like self-sabotage, self-imposed limits and unreasonable goal setting.  Simply put, coaches provide another prospective to bring about change by using strategies that work.

How long does coaching take?

The real answer to this question is “as long as it takes to reach your goals”. However, typical coaching relationships last for about 12 months, with meetings occurring on average of 3-4 times a month. This is because coaching enables the business owner to set goals and begin taking action to achieve them. And quite honestly, it takes time. Coaching is not a quick fix and it’s not consulting. By working with a business coach, you will be involved directly in the process of solving your own problems. Think of it like putting a bicycle together. If someone coaches you through it and you actually do it yourself, chances are you’ll feel more accomplished than if someone put it together for you. Many companies choose to continue working with their coach beyond the typical timeframe on a more limited basis (say once a month) as needed.

Who is a typical candidate to be coached?

Owners from all aspects of business use coaches to help them with their challenges. No matter how small or large your company, maybe coaching can help.

Many small business owners all the way up to those of Fortune 500 companies use coaches.  The key here is recognizing the benefits available and having the courage to try it.  Coaches will use proven strategies to enable you to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

How does coaching work?

Coaches and clients decide on the frequency with which to meet and start the process of identifying problems and opportunities facing the business owner. With help from the coach, these problems are categorized as either being personal or business related. The issues are clarified and a plan is created to begin the work of solving the problems and taking advantage of the opportunities. This is achieved by setting specific, reasonable goals and by creating an action plan towards accomplishing these goals.