What is a typical coaching session like?

After the initial meeting, which is designed to survey the current state of your business, we form a game plan to begin the process of setting goals and moving forward towards achieving them.

Each coaching session is unique based on one or two topics and usually involves a fair amount of input from the client. These sessions will challenge you to think beyond your self-imposed limits and usually involve an action plan for you to implement. We follow up on how it went in your next session.

Both coach and client will work together to set a comfortable pace and be responsible for staying on task in an effort to achieve success in less time vs. working alone.

While it may be advantageous to conduct sessions in person, it doesn’t matter where your business is located. Effective sessions can be conducted over the phone or by video chat.

Vision Statement

The purpose of DiCello Business Development is to enable small business owners to reach their maximum potential. This process begins by helping the business owner find clarity of their problems while recognizing potential opportunities. It is the goal of coaching to assist owners with setting specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable and timely goals. Then an action plan will be put into place to reach those goals.

Mission Statement

In order to achieve the vision of the company, specific strategies will be implemented to coach clients outside their comfort zones by challenging them to think by using a growth mindset. These techniques will always emphasize the owner as the most important person in the coaching relationship.

Values Statement

DiCello Business Development will continually strive to work on issues that owners feel are most relevant to them. Owners will be treated with respect and confidentiality is of utmost importance. The coaching relationship will foster the ideals of leadership, collaboration, integrity, accountability and honesty. Owners will be made to feel “safe” when sharing information throughout the relationship.