After 20 years of pharmacy ownership, I sold my business in 2005 and started to consult and coach other business owners.
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Both you and I will work together to set a comfortable pace and be responsible for staying on task in an effort to achieve great success.
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Hear what some of our happy clients are saying

“When we first contacted Jim, we were hoping to tap his expertise in the pharmacy business. We had no idea the impact he would have on our overall company. Jim’s coaching has changed our entire thought process on how we want to build our business. In our coaching sessions, he has improved our sales techniques and helped us structure the company so it’s positioned to succeed. I always leave a session feeling like my company just improved over the last hour and look forward to a long relationship as our company faces many challenges ahead.”
“Jim has been instrumental in my success throughout my career, initially as a mentor in the pharmaceutical marketing arena and later as a collaborator in the introduction of biopharmaceuticals to the tri-state area. Jim’s keen sense of business and entrepreneurship enables him to quickly identify challenges and formulate solutions that are win-win for everyone. I would highly recommend Jim as a coach to assist all of your business needs.”
Lori Cecutti, MBA
“The coaching that Jim was able to provide over our thirteen years of working together by far has had the greatest impact on my development as a sales professional.”
Mike Whyte, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
“Mr. DiCello was instrumental in helping rebrand our company, offering numerous ideas to improve our quoting, sales and marketing processes. By applying Jim’s methods, our sales increased 50% in 24 months.”
C. Bronson Jones, President and CEO, Banner Metals Group

Identify your struggles and control your destiny

Identifying the Problem

Let’s face it. There are a number of reasons why small business owners struggle and sometimes fail. When they started or bought their business, most owners had a vision of where that business was going to be today. They started with excitement and high energy as they hung the sign on the front of the shop with their name on it. Somehow between then and now, something got in the way of their dream. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Control your own destiny

Most business owners become entrepreneurs to control their own destiny. Nonetheless, at times, it can feel like their business owns them. Every day seems to be a continuation of the next. Sales aren’t growing as expected. Profits are getting weak. Cash flow is getting tighter and tighter. Taking time off is a challenge and the family is not happy about it.

Become the successful business you’ve always wanted.

Successful businesses on the other hand have a crystal clear vision of where they want to go and a well-planned mission of how to get there. Their values complement their mission and everyone in the company is on the same page. They create systems within their business that drive the behaviors of their employees. They have a clear understanding of the various responsibilities of their managers and technicians. And, they create a strong company by surrounding themselves with a solid executive team that accepts responsibility.


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