Why do owners and managers choose to use a business coach?

  • To sharpen their skill set
  • To learn how to make more thoughtful decisions
  • To build confidence and consistency
  • To learn how to attract the type of customers they want
  • To assist in identifying prospective customers
  • To find additional referral sources
  • To set goals and priorities and stay on task
  • To learn how to translate a vision into action
  • To eliminate managing by “crisis”
  • To implement proven strategies so as to achieve quicker results

“A coach is involved in the planning, learning, and implementation processes of your business, keeping you on task and accountable for doing what you say you want to do.”

Attentive Listening

Before any advisor can assist a company, a careful attentive ear must be present. I’ve learned to listen carefully, ask questions, deliberate and offer a well thought out response.

True Collaboration

Very little can be done alone. However, when we work together effectively and appreciate multiple sides of an issue, we can develop an effective solution.

Creative Thinking

Having had the opportunity to try multiple strategies and ideas throughout my career has allowed me to pursue thoughts that might have otherwise gone untested.


The way you communicate your business is EVERYTHING. Working with your employees to understand the benefits of pleasurable conversations can solidify customer relationships without having to worry about what is spoken on every call.

Strategic Planning

Knowing what it takes to create a vision, set a direction and execute a plan is necessary to be successful. 30+ years in business has given me the experience and the confidence to teach others how to plan effectively and aggressively.

Decisive Action

Planning is important, but acting on the decisions we have discussed is vital to your success. Once we know the problem to work on and the strategy to test, we begin to take action by forming a game plan and take small steps towards solving the problem.

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